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Frankenstein Jokes
(or, why I'll never have my own HBO comedy special)

Right before Frankenstein's Monster was published, I had a "pub date countdown" on Facebook in order to beat people into a furor of buying excitement. (I think it ended up just plain old fury at me). Every day I posted a new Frankenstein joke, with a little tag about the book after that.

I'm not sure that people really appreciated the time and effort it took for me to steal little kid's Frankenstein jokes and adapt them to my own uses, and (gasp) to actually come up with some of my own. So to give everyone time to ooh and ahh and to give me a chance to reuse the material (I believe in recycling), here they are: 

Why does Frankenstein’s Monster love Facebook?

Because he wants friennnnd!!! Seriously, my monster doesn’t grunt. He’s articulate, sensitive, brooding—and likely to kill for those very reasons.


What kind of book does Frankenstein’s Monster like?

One with a cemetery plot. Like mine, because it includes a visit to the Isle of the Dead—a real place.


What’s Frankenstein’s Monster’s favorite word?

Synergy—because he’s greater than the sum of his parts. But is that a lesson he’s capable of learning? Is it even true?


Why is Facebook perfect for Frankenstein’s Monster?

Because he can hide behind a fake profile pic. But—oh wait—FB hasn’t been invented yet (or the electric can opener). Instead, he has to hide beneath a hooded cloak.


Who will Frankenstein’s Monster take to the dance?

Oh, any old girl he can dig up. And in the book, that actually…oh, just read it.


Why will Frankenstein’s Monster have a long shelf life in bookstores?

Because he has no expiration date. He’s already dead.


What’s Frankenstein’s Monster’s absolute favorite book in the whole world?

Mine! Because it’s named after him.


To prevent more bad jokes from appearing, please go—Shoo!…Shoo!…Go out right now and buy a copy of Frankenstein’s Monster…or a case.

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