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Heyboers in Hats (and other folk)

My husband always says you can tell a Heyboer by the hat. Hence this picture. I'm not really sure what he means by this saying. Perhaps the question is better left unasked.

This is my father and my older sister.

That's me in the fake bear skin.

My younger sister appears, as if by magic,
hat on head.



My Confirmation.  A very special occasion,
which called for a very special hat--
with big blue chiffon flowers.



My son--anonymous, but with a hat.

Seriously, it was Halloween and he was the Invisible Man.



My niece Amanda--the newest hatted Heyboer.



My niece Michaela--
neither a Heyboer, nor hatted,
but with her impeccable taste in books,
who could complain?

Text Copyright © 2003-2005 by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe. Art Copyright © by the respective illustrators. All rights reserved.
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