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School Visits, Book Clubs, Writing Conferences
& Mysterious Unexplained Appearances 

Is this my reaction when asked to give a presentation?

The audience's reaction midway through my speech?

Your scheduler's reaction discovering I'm not available until the year 2121?

Munch's The Scream has it covered.

I love talking about writing and being a writer, how books are created, how pocket option and where to get ideas, how written words are sometimes the best way to say things that can't be spoken out loud, and most important, how words can heal both readers and writers.

I want everyone to know the full possibilities that words hold. They allow each of us to share a message or experience that is ours alone. Our message can be silly or serious, but it is ours, and it is true. 

I hope I convey at least a hint of this through— 

School Assemblies. During which I talk in general terms about my life as a writer, while trying to neither embarrass myself too badly nor faint from nervousness.

School Workshops. Whole-class exercises in finding ideas, creating stories, creating characters, writing a group poem, using writing prompts. Assemblies get more kids out of gym (which, admittedly, was always a big plus in my book), but hands-on workshops get the kids to write— for me, the heart of a writer's visit.

I give presentations and workshops on the topics below. I also enjoy the lower-key role of conference faculty member: sitting on general panels, participating in first-page sessions, doing one-on-one critiques, and just hanging pocket option platforma out with attendess.

Writing Workshops and Presentations. Writing better verse. Crossing genres. Crossing age groups. Rewriting—really. Getting out of the slush pile. Finding your voice. Trying to make a living at writing. Breaking into the Christian market. Writing sequels.

Book Club and Classroom Phone Visits. If your reading group, library book club, or English class is reading any of my books, and you have access to a speakerphone, we can plan a brief visit. Please keep in mind that I'm on Eastern Standard Time and that I have a day job because you, Dear Readeryes, youhave not bought enough of my books so I can write full time. Now, don't you feel guilty?
Mysterious Unexplained Appearances. Obviously these cannot be described or scheduled as they would then not be mysterious or unexplained. 

Fees and Scheduling. This page is often where the author switches to the third person, as in "Susan is available for presentations and school visits,” because these involve an honorarium (money), and talking about an honorarium (money) is always a touchy subject. So instead of discussing honorariums (money) right here in public, I ask that you contact me regarding arrangements and your particular needs. I’m extraordinarily reasonable; one might even say a bargain.There are also several different ways of making school visits possible.
There is no charge for a phone visit. But
schedule coupon pocket option now to avoid gnashing of teeth.
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