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Be the Star That You Are!
A Book for Kids Who Feel Different
Illustrated by R.W. Alley

One Caring Place * Ages 4 to 8
ISBN: 978-0870293917

Part of the best-selling series
Elf-Help Books for Kids

Translated into a dozen languages and sold worldwide. Please contact the publisher directly for non-English translations.

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Christmas Gifts

Illustrated by Jennifer Emery

Boyds Mills Press  * Ages 2 to 5
ISBN: 159078033

"Simple poetic lines...One of the few Christmas books with a text short enough for very young children." Children's Literature

"Boldly hued watercolors frame each page with a different seasonal motif, perfectly complement the text. A comforting, cozy lap or bedtime read-aloud."
School Library Journal     
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Angel Prayers

Illustrated by Sofia Suzan

Boyds Mills Press  * Ages 3 to 6
ISBN: 1563976838

"Poetic mixture of part fairy-tale and part reality...Bold, acrylic angelic illustrations, outlines in black."
Children's Literature 

“Simple, rhymed prayers addressed to angels and to God ask for help in everyday life: blessings on family, consolation in times of stress, and guidance in living right …The tone is warm and gentle. The full-page, folk-art acrylic paintings [are] stylized and decorative ... Nondenominational." Library Journal

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